Division C – Transport, Environment & Project Management

Division of Transport, Environment and Project Management (D.T.E.P.M)


The Division of Transport, Environment and Project Management (D.T.E.P.M) belongs to the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of West Attica. The main objectives of the Division are the development of educational and research activities in the following scientific topics:

  • Mathematical Analysis and Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Differential Equations, Parametric Geometry, Numerical Analysis
  • Geology for Engineers, Ecology and Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Geotechnics, Physics, Environmental Management of Civil Engineering Projects, Economic and Technical Analysis of Projects and Operational Research, Planning and Management of Technical Projects, Construction Machinery and Construction Site Organization
  • Technical Drawing, CAD Methods in Technical Projects, Urban Planning and Elements of Urban Planning Law, Architectural Design and Building Science, Special Construction Topics
  • Geodesy, Geodetic Applications, Geographical Information Systems
  • Geometric Design of Roads, Road Pavements and Airports and Laboratory Testing, Transport Planning, Road Construction, Railway Engineering, Mass Transport Networks, Traffic Control, Airport Planning, Intelligent Transport Systems and Road Safety, Transport Systems Analysis


The D.T.E.P.M. includes two Institutionalized research laboratories, the Laboratory of Urban Planning and Architectural Design (founded in 2015) and the Laboratory of Geoenvironmental Science and Environmental Quality Assurance (founded in 2018).