PhD Studies

Doctoral Education in the Department

The Department of Civil Engineering has been operating a Doctoral Studies Program since 2018. The primary purpose of the Doctoral Studies Program is the emergence of Researchers, Engineers and Scientists, who can take on a leading role in Research and Development.

The regulation that governs the Doctoral Studies Program of the Department is published in the official gazette of the Hellenic Republic Issue B’ 5013/12.11.2018.



The admission of new doctoral candidates takes place twice in a year. An announcement on available positions typically appears in February and September. The submission of applications is followed by an evaluation process, which ends up with the selection of the new doctoral students. For detailed admission requirements and procedures, please consult the Regulation to Doctoral Studies (in Greek).


List of PhD Candidates of the Department

1. Samaras Hlias (supervisor: G.Varelidis)
2. Mela Athina (supervisor: G.Varelidis)
3. Makris Kyriakos (supervisor: N. Pnevmatikos)
4. Drivas Demetrios (supervisor: K. Demakos)
5. Autousmis Athanasios (supervisor: A. Kyriazopoulos)
6. Alogomia Maria (supervisor: F. Kokkinos)
7. Papastamatis Zisis (supervisor: I. Vryzidis)
8. Skentou Athanasia (supervisor: P. Asteris – ASPETE)