Quality Policy

Quality policy

The Department of Civil Engineering of the University of West Attica remains committed in providing high quality higher education to its students, as well as to the effort to develop the appropriate conditions of a creative research and work environment for its staff. The commitment of the faculty members and that of the administrative staff of the Department aims towards the continuous improvement of the teaching, the research work and the services provided which are values of primary choice of management and responsibility.

The Department has established and implements a quality control policy, which is completely connected to the legal and regulatory framework that governs the operation of the University of Western Attica. Through the establishment, evaluation and redefinition of the quality policy, the Department is aims in achieving even higher performance. With this strategy, it will highlight values, standards and examples, in order to contribute to the University’s pursuit of high-quality teaching and research results that will contribute towards a stable development path for the country.

In particular, for the objectives of the Department of Civil Engineering, the quality policy is formed based on the training of scientists capable of researching, analyzing, planning and executing Civil Engineering projects properly, while simultaneously meeting the modern requirements for sustainable development, economy of constructions, respect for the natural and man-made environment and lifelong knowledge. The aim is also to integrate cutting-edge research and technology into the academic framework of the Department’s activities and to implement the educational and research process with modern tools and methods.

The Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Western Attica, in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Unit has harmonized the Quality Policy of the Undergraduate Study Program in accordance with the principles of the Institution’s Quality Policy.