Moussas Vassilios

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Associate Professor

Diploma of El. Eng., Dept. of Electrical (& Computer) Engineering, Univ. of Patras, GR
Ph.D on Comp. Eng. & Inf., Dept. of Computer Engineering & Informatics, Univ. of Patras, GR
M.Sc on Data Communication Systems, Dept. of Electronic & Computer Eng., Brunel Univ., LONDON, UK
Specialization Courses: Neural Networks, Adaptive Systems & Applications (Univ. of Athens),
Routers-Switches-Firewalls (Cisco), Solaris SysAdm (SUN), ATM (Fore), NMS, etc. 
Languages: Greek, English, French, Italian (very good), German (A1)         

Scientific Interests:
– Adaptive Multi-Model Partitioning Algorithms and Nonlinear Systems,
– Pattern Recognition, Classification, Optimization & Oper. Research Algorithms,
– Detection and Tracking of Signal Sources in Materials/Air/Water using Sensor Arrays, Smart Sensors
– Advanced Computer Algorithms for Material Testing and Reliability,
– Fatigue Crack Growth Monitoring and Lifetime Prediction,
– Non-Destructive Testing & Evaluation,
– Modeling, Anomaly Detection & Big Data Analytics in Data & Networks (Computer, Power, Traffic, Medical, etc.) using State-Space, Autoregressive, Neural, etc., Stochastic models.

Courses: Computer Programming, Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition, Operational Research, Engineering Project Management, Algorithms & Complexity, Object oriented & Windows Programming.

List of Publications