Belokas Georgios

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Assistant Professor




Dr Georgios Belokas

  • BSc-MEng Civil Engineering (NTUA)
  • MSc–DIC Soil Mechanics (Imperial College London)
  • PhD Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering Division – CE School – NTUA)
  • Assistant Professor in Geotechnical Engineering – Civil Engineering Dept – UNIWA
  • Director of Division B Hydraulic and Geotechnical Engineering
  • General Secretary of the Hellenic Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

Dr Georgios Belokas, Assistant Professor in Geotechnical Engineering at the Civil Engineering Dept of the Engineering School at UNIWA has graduated from the Civil Engineering Dept of NTUA (1997), has an MSc in Soil Mechanics from Imperial College London (1998) and has a PhD from the Geotechnical Engineering Division of the Civil Engineering of NTUA (2008).

He is the elected Director Division B Hydraulic and Geotechnical Engineering (from 2021), General Secretary of the Hellenic Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (HSSMGE from 2019), member of the HSSMGE (from 2010). He is also member of the corresponding international societies (ISSMGE and ISRM) and a core member of the organizing committee of the 8th International Conference on Unsaturated Soils in Milos.

His current teaching work includes: a) the postgraduate course of “Mechanical Behaviour of Soils and Soil Exploration Methods”, b) the undergraduate courses of “Soil Mechanics”, “Geotechnical Works”, “Deep Excavations and Retaining Walls” και “Cut slopes and Embankments, c) the scientific coordination of UG course “Internship”. He has taught in the part the undergraduate courses of “Geology for Engineers”, “Engineering Geology and Introduction to Rock Mechanics”, “Rock Mechanics – Tunneling” and “Foundations”.

He has 30 publications in constitutive modelling and mechanical behaviour of clayey soils, numerical and probabilistic analysis, slope stability – landslides, coupled consolidation problems, analysis according to Eurocode 7, resilience of geotechnical structures and 21st century instruction methods. He has been more than 15 times an invited lecturer in conferences, workshops and universities in most of the above topics.

His scientific work also includes the evolution of the 2nd generation of Eurocodes EN1997, actively participating in Greek NQIS/ELOT (TC 67 – Eurocodes) and in European Committee for Standardization (CEN/TC250/SC7 Eurocode 7 – TG A2: NSB Contact Group and TG B2: Design Example Analysis). He also participates in the NQIS/ELOT TC 67 – “Special Geotechnical Topics” for the development of ISO European Testing Standard of Geotechnical Engineering. He has reviewed in 8 journals and also in conferences, while he has been an external examiner in PhD Thesis. From 2010 he is a representative of HSSMGE in TC103 – Numerical Methods in Geomechanics and TC208 – Landslides της ISSMG.

His professional experience, from 1999, includes the analysis and design of geotechnical structures (e.g. cut slopes, landslides, retaining walls, embankments and tunnels), the geotechnical investigation and evaluation and also the execution of laboratory tests and the preparation of the corresponding ISO technical guidance.