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+30 210 5381256

Office Address

University of West Attica | School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering | 250 Thivon & P. Ralli Str., 12241 Athens, Greece. Αncient Οlive-grove Campus (Campus-2), Building B.

Dimitrios Em. ALEXAKIS
Professor, University of West Attica, Department of Civil Engineering


  • Director of Laboratory “Geoenvironmental Science and Environmental Quality Assurance” , Department of Civil Engineering
  • BSc in Geology – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • MSc in Geochemical Contamination of Environment – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • PhD in Geology and Environmental Geochemistry – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Certified Adults Trainer
  • Visiting Scholar – University of Sheffield (UK)


1.Higher Education

Dimitrios Alexakis studied Geology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens-NKUA (1996) and continued with a postgraduate course in “Geochemical Environmental Pollution” (NKUA, 1998). He has completed a Doctoral Thesis in the Department of Geology in the field of Environmental Geochemistry (NKUA, 2002). He is a certified Adult Trainer (non-formal education), a subject in which he has specialized training (over 220 hours) and extensive teaching activity.


 2.Research interests

Dimitrios Alexakis’s research interests focus mainly on the following scientific fields: Monitoring and evaluation of the quality of soil and water resources by applying geochemical and geological methods, Monitoring and evaluation of geotechnical parameters, Environmental geotechnics, Investigation of the impacts of natural disasters on the quality of soil and water resources, Assurance and protection of the quality of soil and water resources, Management of soil and water resources, Geochemistry and environmental geochemistry, Aquatic geochemistry, Geochemical modelling and geochemical surveying, Vulnerability and risk assessment of groundwater resources, Soil bioremediation technologies, Monitoring and evaluation of anthropogenic and climate changes and impacts on soil and water resources.


3.Research and Teaching Profile

 Dimitrios Alexakis has collaborated as a Visiting Scholar with the Environment Agency (UK) and the Groundwater Protection and Restoration Group of the University of Sheffield, UK (2006). Dimitrios Alexakis has developed many years of activity as a Senior Researcher and Research Associate (19 research projects). In the context of his research activities, he has collaborated with public and private sector experts and companies. Dimitrios Alexakis substantially contributed to the founding and development of the Laboratory of Economic Geology and Geochemistry (NKUA) and the Laboratory of Reclamation Works and Water Resources Management (NTUA). Dimitrios Alexakis has presented more than 100 publications, including books, monographs, articles in international scientific journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, educational materials for KDBM, etc. His published scientific work (reference year 2022) has international recognition (1045 citations and h-index 21 in Scopus, 1601 citations and h-index 23 in Google Scholar). He teaches at the Department of Civil Engineering-University of West Attica the following courses: “Geology for Engineers”, “Ecology and Environmental Chemistry”, and “Environmental Geotechnics”. Previous appointments included: National Technical University (1997–2009) in the Department of Geology (Laboratory of Economic Geology and Geochemistry) in various positions (Senior Researcher, Contracted Lecturer P.D. 407/80) and NTUA (2009–2017) in various positions (Senior Researcher, Laboratory Teaching Staff) at the School of Rural, and Surveying Engineering (Laboratory Reclamation Works and Water Resources Management). Dimitrios Alexakis has a long-term experience in the design and/or implementation of postgraduate courses at the Agricultural University of Athens, NTUA, Piraeus University T.T. and the University of West Attica. He has cooperated as a Certified Adults’ Trainer on water and land resource quality issues, waste management, solid waste management-recycling, coaching for cooperation and efficiency in the private and public sector with the Institute of Education-IN.EP., E.K.D.D.A., with the Municipal Social University of Ilion (Di.Koi.PI.), with K.E.K. etc. He has participated as a Guest Editor in three Special Volumes of the international scientific journal Water (MDPI), as an Associate Editor in the international journal Applied Water Science (Springer), as a Section Board Member and Editorial Board Member in the international scientific journal Water (MDPI), as well as on the Editorial Boards of international scientific journals: Earth Sciences Research Journal, Peertechz Journal of Environmental Science and Toxicology and Austin Journal of Hydrology. He also contributes as a reviewer in thirty-four (34) international journals.



 Dimitrios Alexakis was ranked among the top 100,000 scientists internationally for the year 2021 according to the evaluation of Elsevier BV, and he was ranked among the top 40 best scientists of the University of West Attica according to the AD Scientific Index 2022. In 2013, he was ranked by the Editorial Board Members of the journal “Environmental Earth Sciences” (Springer) among the ten (10) best reviewers internationally. In 2018, according to the Publons online database, he was ranked in the Top 1 % of Reviewers in Environment/Ecology (36th place in the world ranking, 9th nationwide).


  1. Academic Positions at University of West Attica

Dimitrios Alexakis is the Founder & Director of the Laboratory of Geoenvironmental Science and Environmental Quality Assurance of the University of West Attica (2018-present) and the Director of the Sector of Transport, Environment and Project Management (2021-2022).

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