Kerpelis Ploutarxos

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Office Address

Αncient Οlive-grove Campus (Campus-2), Building B

Dr. Ploutarchos KERPELIS


  • PhD University of Aegean
  • MPS “Prevention and Management of Natural Disasters”, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (N.K.U.A.)
  • MSc “Sanitary Engineer”, National School of Public Health (“E.S.D.Y.”) – current “UNI.W.A./Department of Public Health Policy” (UNI.W.A./P.H.P.)
  • Diploma of Civil Engineer, N.T.U.A. (Structural engineer)
  • Degree of Technological Civil Engineer, “T.E.I.” – current “International Hellenic University” (I.H.U.)
  • Specialization in Pedagogical Skills for Teaching / “PA.TE.S./S.E.LE.T.E.”-current “School of Pedagogical and Technological Education” (S.PE.T.E.) – Annual Pedagogical Training Program (EPAIK)
  • Specialization in Pedagogical Skills in “Advisory and Vocational Guidance”/ “SY.P./S.E.LE.T.E.”-current “School of Pedagogical and Technological Education” (S.PE.T.E.) – Specialization Program in Counseling and Orientation (PESYP)

Holder of Doctoral title University of the Aegean (with honors), postgraduate studies:  Diploma of Specialization MPS N.K.U.A., MSc E.S.D.Y., and graduate studies: N.T.U.A. Diploma, and T.E.I. Degree. Specializations with annual pedagogical training PA.TE.S./ S.E.LE.T.E.  and annual SY.P./S.E.LE.T.E.  Honors (State Scholarships Foundation “ΙΚΥ” etc.).

Attendance of a large amount of Seminars, Conferences such at the National Centre for Public Administration & Local Government “E.K.D.D.A”, at Technical Institutes as “TEE” – Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG), at Educational Institutions such as N.T.U.A., N.K.U.A, Massey University etc.), at “KEK” (Vocational Training Centre “VTC”), at Ministries such as General Secretariat of Infrastructure, School of Emergency Policy Planning – “PSEA”, Center for Security Studies (“KEMEA”), National Center for Immediate Assistance (“EKAB”), etc., at Local Government Organizations (Regions, Municipalities etc.) and conducted from other bodies such as the private sector. Technical Expert after European Training (TEC 4-8/2011 and CMI 7-12/2014).

Certified in a number of organizations such as Adult Trainer for the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance – “EOPPEP”, trainer for Training Institute of the Public Administration and Local Government –EKDDA/INEP), TEC and CMI Expert from E.U., as a Qualified Volunteer from the General Secretariat of Civil Protection, as trainer of the Social Polycenter, etc. A large amount of participations are recorded as an adult trainer for Programs of EKDDA / INEP Programs, for Youth & Lifelong Learning Foundation (“INEDIVIM”), for the “PSEA School”, as well as the writing of Technical manuals.

Civil Engineer registered at “TEE” (1990). Professional expediency is recorded in Earthquake Planning & Protection Organization – E.P.P.O. (1997-2019), and as the Head of the Social Seismic Defense Directorate (2011-2019), upon election. Deputy General Director of E.P.P.O., Head of Public Independent Institution – “DAI”, Deputy President, Secretary or as a Member of a Permanent Scientific Committee, in various periods of time. Indicative actions are recorded in the Annual Accounts Projects on the EPPO’s website. Graduate theses of students were supervised at the E.P.P.O., in parallel with representations of the Organization and its employees, liaison between other Public Services and the E.P.P.O., etc. Administrative work (Evaluations of personnel etc.) and authorized for “Top Secret” documents. There existed participation in a large amount of missions, as “Immediate Response Teams” in real earthquake events (after planning, organization, management – coordination and evaluation). Media, institutions etc. published the actions and thanked.

A wide-ranging educational work in the E.P.P.O. in target-groups exists. Participations at educational projects are recorded such as from training centers of “IEK” (Vocational Training Institute – VTI) (1994-2002), at “KEK” (2004-2017), at the Inter-Balkan Institute of Public Administration, at EKDDA/ INEP Programs (2009-present), at “PSEA School”/ Ministry of Citizen Protection (2002-2020), in “INEDIVIM” (2002-2011), and in Voluntary Groups (EPOMEA Egaleo etc.). Teaching performed at TEI of Athens (1996-2004) with 6 years of independent theory teaching, at TEI of Piraeus (2004-2005), and at UNI.W.A. (2019-present).

Lecturer at the University of West Attica (UNI.W.A.) (2019-present) with the academic subject of “Prevention and Management of Risks and Disasters in Civil Engineering Projects”. Research interests are:  natural – technological disasters (with an emphasis on seismic risk), civil protection (prevention and management of risks and disasters), vulnerability of constructions to natural risks and disasters, wastewater treatment facilities and other constructions. Internship Supervisor and participation in Diplomatic theses as a member of the Examining Committee or as a supervisor is recorded. At the same time, there exists participation in the administrative procedures of the Civil Engineering Department of UNI.W.A. There were written 5 Diploma theses during the studies and Course Notes for TEI of Athens. Publication of Articles in scientific journals and participation in a number of Scientific Conferences with announcements exist. The scientific work in 2024 has 80 citations (Googlescholar), 53 citations (Researchgate), and 34 citations (Scopus). Reviewer in a scientific journal (Springer).

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