Construction Materials

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Office Address

Αncient Οlive-grove Campus (Campus-2)

The Laboratory of Construction Materials (Ancient Olive Grove Campus, Building B, 1st floor, room B110) supports education requirements of the 1st Semester course “Construction Materials”. It belongs to the Department of Structural Engineering (Sector A) of the Department of Civil Engineering.

In the Laboratory of Construction Materials, students are familiarised with various construction materials and learn about their composition, structure and performance. Students are informed about standardization in construction materials, testing, and technical specifications, as well as about regulations and Greek, European, and international standards. Students become familiar with the application of quality and suitability control methods of construction materials aimed at selecting the appropriate material for a specific use, for example:

  • Classification of aggregates – methods for sampling.
  • Determination of moisture content and materials finer than 63 μm sieve by washing.
  • Sieve analysis of aggregates.
  • Determination of particle density and water absorption of aggregates.
  • Concrete mix design.
  • Optical microscopy – grain size analysis of metallic materials.
  • A hardness measurement of metallic materials by Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell methods.