Papadopoulou Konstantina

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Adjunct Faculty

Mining & Metallourgical Engng, MSc., PhD.


Office Address

Αncient Οlive-grove Campus (Campus-2), Building B

Diploma of Mining-Metallurgical Engineer-Geotechnical Engineer, N.T.U.A. (2009). Master of Science from the Postgraduate Program: “Design and Construction of Underground Works”, N.T.U.A. (2011). Dr. Engineer of the School of Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Department, National Technical University of Athens (2018). Title of the Dr. Engineer Thesis: “Analysis of Geotechnical Failures, Theoretical Development, 3-D Dimensional Behaviour”.

Author of over 20 papers, which have been published in International Journals and Proceedings of Conferences, all focused on Geotechnical Engineering subjects. She participates in Research Programs of the Geotechnical Department, N.T.U.A. As a Postdoctoral researcher, she investigated the behaviour of shallow foundations of bridges, mainly under scour conditions. As a professional Geotechnical Engineer, she was involved in projects of foundations and retaining structures. Scientific interests: Foundation Engineering, Soil Mechanics and Tunneling. Excellent knowledge of English and French, good knowledge of German.